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    Foie Gras in the Death Throws 08/05/2018

    The Glenwood Restaurant has cooked many vegetables. It has sincerely and determinedly doffed its cap to the champions of animal rights – and to the animals themselves. It is not entirely a restaurant built on the torture of animals for the pleasure of people. Nevertheless, we find ourselves, two weeks from the end, serving foie[...]

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    8th May 2018

    Bernadette, The Kremlin & The Mining of Her Data 22/03/2018

    Bernadette had been dressed from the heart of the Kremlin since the day she opened her eyes. And to decide what her clothes would be, her keepers would watch her eyes every minute of the day. If her eyes lingered on the night sky, dark velvets with embroidered silver points would be her next gown.[...]

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    22nd March 2018

    Cooking for France 03/02/2018

    Mr Robinson, chef and proprietor of The Glenwood Restaurant, has been invited by the French Embassy (SA) to participate in a week celebrating French cuisine. This week is an international event, organised by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. The French, as we have all realised by now, are unapologetic champions of their[...]

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    3rd February 2018

    Bernadette Becomes a Vegetarian 16/12/2017

    Even though Bernadette’s parents were not animal rights activists, nor kind people, they did love horses and dogs. Also whales and dolphins. And lastly, lions and elephants. They were, naturally, vociferously posed against hunting for sport and also against eating dogs and horses. On the other hand, they always maintained, while presenting some rather startling[...]

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    16th December 2017

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