In his dotage, Adam retreats to his over equipped home kitchen in the afternoons and tries to produce fine things for the bakery. He makes butter, then ricotta from the buttermilk (the whey from the making of ricotta then goes into our potato and rosemary bread).  Cheesecake comes from the ricotta.  He makes ice creams.  Then, with the egg whites left over, meringues of all shapes, misshapes and sizes. A small repertoire of cakes - orange and almond, chocolate and almond – and petits morceaux such as financiers, friands or amarettis.


He makes jam to spread on toast and to sell from our shelves.  He even makes green tomato chutney from his grandmother’s recipe.  After this labour, he and the bold Yorkshire terrier wander manfully down the hill with these goodies to stock the shelves.



We make ice cream. The flavours range from salted caramel, chocolate malt, ginger, vanilla to ruby grapefruit or chocolate sorbets. We change our flavours according to sensible criteria like seasonality and the availability of ingredients. Our flavours also change for less sensible reasons such as our whims.

The shelf life will be limited as there are no stabilisers or preservatives. The price is high as we use local cream, free range eggs and true vanilla beans.

For none of this do we apologise.

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