Pizza Nights

We are open on all weeknights for pizzas, from 5pm till 9pm. On these nights you can also have the Bakery hamburger, a Middle Eastern flatbread with slow cooked lamb or potato gnocchi. The pizza bases, the flatbreads and the pastas are, of course, made by us. You bring your own fortification, we charge no corkage. The service is quick and the style is informal.

We do not take bookings; come and fight the good fight. And as with everything else at the bakery, innovation is not our raison d’etre. We put things on pizzas which should be there, and nothing that should not. So, no pineapple.  We do, however, make a vegan pizza. A little act of kindness. On Monday mornings we post our pizza menu, for that week, on our Facebook page.

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Photography by Xavier Vahed.

Designed by Millhouse in South Africa.

We have a Facebook page which is a good place to see what is happening at the bakery, and keep right up to date.