The Bakery & The Plague


    Roasted tomatoes - R20

    Hummus - R15

    Yoghurt - R15

    Tapenade - R30

    Muhamarra - R30

    Pesto - R30

    Vinaigrette - R30

    Vegan aioli - R50

    Cream cheese - R50

    Butter - R40

    Salted almonds - R20

    Col’tempo - R40

    Smoked salmon - R80

    Gorgonzola - R90

    Healey’s cheddar - R90

    Klein River Gruberg - R90

    Yeast - R7

    Flour - R45

    All pasta - R38

    Risotto rice - R60

    Coffee - R90

    Olive oil - R90

    Balsamic vinegar - R65

    Salt - R40

    Egg (free-range) - R2/egg

A Brief Lockdown History of The Glenwood Bakery

As is the case with many businesses, The Glenwood Bakery has had to change its nature in order to survive the challenges posed by lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a business partially premised on hospitality we knew that we are in the category of businesses most affected by lockdowns. However, because the bakery is, in essence, first a bakery it had bread to offer the world. Bread – essential and life giving. So, as per government orders we sent everyone home and ran the business with just one baker, one front of house and a cleaning person: Adam, Justin and Kevin.

Since those first few days it has had many incarnations as we have managed to add to our offering due to some very imaginative thinking and hard-wired entrepreneurial instincts. We have weathered the wrath of frightened fascists and confused, arrest-crazed policemen.

Here is what you can now find at the bakery until further notice. This page will be adjusted if major changes are made to our times and offering. But the bakery is a place which is shaped by high labour demands and a small space; so there is no guarantee of everything listed being in stocks at all times. But we are working hard at keeping stock consistent.

Some precautionary measures for your and our staff’s safety

  • We only allow 6 customers inside the shop at any given moment
  • Please queue outside, observing social distancing, so that we know whose turn it really is to enter next
  • Hand sanitising at the door
  • Waiting for coffee orders outside, please
  • We deliver to homes from our bread stand (but not from our deli)
  • Please do not use the bakery as a place to socialise on the pavements. It makes some vulnerable people feel unsafe.


Bread ordering information

  • Please note our breads are not all out of the ovens at once – the baking is staggered. So, please pay attention to the baking schedule so that you do not collect too early (your bread will be kept until we close at 2 pm)
  • To order bread for home delivery or just for keeping at the bakery so that you can collect: Please WhatsApp Adam on 0726146081 (no phone calls, please).
  • Deliveries run between Umbilo and Morningside only.
  • We are not able to reserve bread for you on short notice (e.g. phoning and asking us to keep something because you are on your way). Please try to order a day ahead.
  • No order is confirmed unless you have heard back from us and made an EFT or Zapper payment on ordering.

Open hours

Between 6 am and 2 pm, seven days a week (until further notice)


What can you get from us now?

At every level of lockdown we will be adjusting our offering accordingly. This means that currently:

  • We make and sell bread and pastries from our shop and for delivery
  • We make and sell fresh filled bagels every day
  • A little deli. The theme of the deli is to offer you the relishes, pickles, jams and so forth which we used for our sandwiches. And a few extra things you might need at home to complete a meal.
  • We have a small take-away menu (10 am to 2 pm) which is also available on UberEats for delivery. This menu will include one or two pizzas.
  • We are making take-away coffees
  • There is no sit-down eating or drinking (very sadly)
  • There are no pizzas being made at all in the evenings – not for collection or delivery. But we are selling fresh, slow fermented pizza bases, house made pizza sauce and mozzarella from our deli. So, you can make your own.

Please check in with us about what we plan to do when restaurants, cafes and bars are allowed to open again for sit down eating and drinking. We suspect that, as in most other countries, people will be too nervous to eat out and also social distancing will be imposed on eateries. This means, in our very small space, it might not be viable to open for sit down eating even when it is legally allowed. We will refine our plans closer to the time about this matter – so please have a look here or follow us on social media to hear the news.

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We have a Facebook page which is a good place to see what is happening at the bakery, and keep right up to date.